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Troubleshooting Your Cooling System

Air conditioner

Is your cooling system unable to keep up with the heat?  Is it turning on but not blowing cold air?  Try these troubleshooting tips to see if you can identify the issue:

  • Inspect Your Outdoor Unit: When looking at your outdoor unit make sure it is free from debris on the sides and top.  Check for any ice buildup on the copper lines of the unit.
  • Check Your Thermostat: Ensure that your thermostat is in the COOL mode and cooling is ON. Turn the cooling temperature to 74 and press the “hold” button on your thermostat.  Expect that it will exceed that when outdoor temperatures rise above 95. Setting it below 74 will not make it work better or faster.  Also, if your if your thermostat is battery operated, try changing out the batteries for new ones.
  • Check Your Filter:  Increased temperatures cause systems to cycle more and with all the smoke in the air from surrounding fires, it can be surprising how quickly debris builds up.  Even if you’ve changed it recently, it’s a good idea to check again and replace if necessary.
  • Clear/Open Your Registers: Uncover and make sure all registers are free-flowing. Be cautious of closing down registers or dampers to move air to other areas of the home.  This can reduce the airflow causing the air conditioner components to freeze.
  • Check Your Circuit Breaker: Is your furnace/AC circuit thrown in the “Off” position or in the middle? If you can’t identify which is the furnace/AC, look for a switch that may be in a different position from the others. Throw it all the way off, then turn it back on.

When to Call the Pyramid Experts:

  • If you see water or ice building up on or around your equipment
  • Water is leaking into finished spaces
  • Your air conditioner is not turning on (and you’ve checked the circuit breaker)

If you’ve troubleshot all possible options and nothing seems to solve your cooling issues, never hesitate to contact Pyramid at (503) 783-8488 or Schedule a Service.