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Heat Pumps in Portland

Energy-Efficient Heating Options for Your Home

Heat pumps can act like a heater in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer, helping you enjoy year-round indoor comfort and significant energy savings. Heat pumps use a small amount of electricity to draw heat out of the air and into your home in the winter. Then, during hot summer months, the heat pump pulls cool air from the air outside and pumps it inside your home. These systems offer the ultimate in flexibility and energy savings. At Pyramid Heating & Cooling, we can help you determine whether or not a heat pump is the right solution for your home. Call to schedule your estimate today.

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How Heat Pumps Save Money

As far as climates go, Portland’s is fairly mild, making it the perfect place to use a heat pump. While a furnace burns fuel to create heat, the heat pump uses refrigerant to create heat.

Heat pumps can help to:

  • Offer higher efficiency temperature control
  • Act faster when providing heat
  • Provide both warmed and cooled air

Over 15 Years of Service in the Community

At Pyramid Heating & Cooling, we are Portland’s experts in heat pump technology. We sell and install a full range of heat pumps and can install a system that is perfect for your home and budget. If you would like more information on heat pumps and how we can provide you and your family with complete comfort in all seasons, give us a call.

Reach out to our team today at (503) 783-8488 to get started with our Portland heat pump experts.

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