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Geothermal – What Is It & How Does It Work?

What to Know About Geothermal Systems

When most people think HVAC, they think furnaces, boilers, and central AC systems. What don’t they think of? The floor beneath them.

Geothermal heating and cooling—a lot of people have heard of it, but are still unclear on how it actually works. In the HVAC world, the word “geothermal” can refer to any system that uses the process of solar energy from the ground to heat and cool your home. At Pyramid Heating & Cooling, we offer geothermal systems that are both effective and energy-efficient. Installing one of these systems can be a great way to both lower your energy costs and do something good for the environment. Keep reading to learn more about geothermal heating and cooling and how it works, as well as the benefits it can have for your home.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling 101

Geothermal HVAC systems use the temperature in the ground, instead of ambient air, to moderate heating and cooling in your home and ensure you are as comfortable as possible. The earth absorbs roughly 47% of the sun’s heat, meaning it is a consistent source of energy, no matter what the weather is like. Geothermal systems may use a conventional air handler and ductwork, but are actually connected to underground piping that absorbs and dissipates thermal energy. In the winter, that piping extracts the energy in the ground to heat your home. In the summer, it removes the heat from your home and puts it back in the earth.

By installing a geothermal system with Pyramid Heating & Cooling, you can enjoy benefits including:

  • Reduced Energy Bills: Geothermal heating systems are known for extremely low operating costs, and can potentially reduce your heating and cooling bills by as much as 60%.
  • Increased Comfort: Again, because the ground is always absorbing energy, you can rely on the fact that your geothermal system will always keep you comfortable.
  • Cleaner Energy Use: Geothermal technology uses green, renewable technology to keep your home temperature perfect while cutting down your carbon footprint.
  • Quieter Operation: In contrast to traditional heaters, heat pumps, and AC units, geothermal systems do not require an outdoor unit. At Pyramid Heating & Cooling, the geothermal units we install are equipped with heavy-duty, fully insulated cabinets, which operate at a significantly lower frequency than conventional HVAC units
  • Greater Flexibility: Geothermal equipment can provide both heating and cooling power, and at Pyramid, we offer a number of makes and models of geothermal systems that can be customized to meet your home’s exact needs.
  • Free Hot Water: In addition to replacing your traditional HVAC equipment, geothermal systems can also be used to supplement your hot water supply, using the excess heat they provide to take some pressure off your water heater.
  • Energy Independence: By installing a geothermal system, you’ll never have to worry about replacing the fuel source for your HVAC system again.

Call Pyramid Heating & Cooling to Upgrade to a Geothermal System Today

While geothermal systems can be more expensive to install than traditional HVAC equipment, due to the fact that we must go beneath the ground to put in the pipes, they are more than worth it because of the energy savings they provide. And geothermal heating and cooling systems also require fewer repairs and maintenance service, meaning the cost of upgrading usually pays for itself in a short period of time. Give us a call today to get a free estimate on system installations and discover what switching to geothermal can do for your home.

Dial (503) 783-8488 to schedule an appointment, and don’t forget to ask about available financing and rebates. You can also request your free estimate online.

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