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Geothermal Heating Installation from Pyramid Heating & Cooling

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal systems are “the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space conditioning system available today.” That’s because geothermal systems tap into the earth to capture free, renewable energy.

The earth absorbs about 47% of the sun’s energy that reaches it, storing that energy in the ground. A geothermal system extracts that free energy for heating during winter. This transfer of heat energy is done through a series of pipes buried in the ground or sunk in a pond, or by using well water.

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of geothermal heating and installing this energy-efficient system in your home, count on the experts at Pyramid Heating & Cooling. We offer fast installations as well as repair and maintenance services for geothermal heating systems in Portland.

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Benefits of Geothermal Heating

At Pyramid Heating & Cooling, our goal is to make sure you feel your best comfort with the most energy-efficient HVAC systems available. That is why we proudly offer geothermal heating services to all our customers throughout Portland.

The benefits of geothermal heating include:

  • Savings – Generally, no other heating system offers lower operating costs, with savings up to 60% compared to ordinary systems.
  • Comfort – These systems provide even temperatures throughout the home year-round.
  • Environmentally sound – Geothermal is a clean, green, and renewable technology to reduce your carbon footprint now and for future generations.
  • Quiet operation – Unlike ordinary heaters and heat pumps, geothermal heating systems require no outdoor unit. Carrier geothermal units use heavy-duty, fully insulated cabinets for quiet operation.
  • Flexibility – In addition to heating, you’ll enjoy cooling and supplemental water heating from a single unit. There are a wide variety of models and options to fit most any application.
  • Free hot water – During unit operation, free excess heat can be used to supplement the home’s water heater.
  • Energy independence – Geothermal systems reduce our need to import fuel.

If you have questions about geothermal heating systems, our expert technicians are ready to help. We can also provide you with a free estimate if you are seriously considering installing this highly efficient system in your home.

Contact us at (503) 783-8488 to get started today! Our Portland heating and cooling company looks forward to hearing from you.

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