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Increasing Your Home Heating Efficiency

Picture of Smart Thermostat

Cloudy and rainy days are ahead and that means one thing—winter is here! Your morning coffee order switches from a refreshing cold brew to the ever-coveted pumpkin spice latte, marking the official change in the season. And, just as you make adjustments to your winter routine, your home undergoes changes as well, albeit different.

When the cool air rolls in, your heater use drastically increases. And, with the pandemic, it is doing more so than it would if you were not working from home. That’s why this year, it is increasingly important that your home is ready for the changing weather, as you don’t want your increased use to lead to skyrocketing utility costs.

Managing your home heating efficiency will keep this from happening. Here’s what you need to do to ensure your home is running at peak efficiency:

Check Your Insulation

Your home heating is only as effective as your insulation. Although your insulation falls under the out of sight out of mind philosophy, it is imperative that you understand the state or condition of your insulation to ensure that it is working properly for your home. Poor insulation will lead to insufficient heating, as your home will not be able to retain the increased temperature, causing your heater to work overtime to try and reach your input temperature.

If you are noticing that your home has cool spots or that your overall indoor climate is not attaining your comfort levels, you may have a breach in your insulation. That can mean that your in-wall insulation is in need of repairs or updating, or that your windows and doors are in need of resealing.

Air leaks are the leading cause of poor home heating efficiency, so make sure you apply caulking and weatherstripping where applicable to restore an airtight seal to those entry points. Now, if your insulation is outdated, this can lead to a drop of 25% in your heating efficiency. Make sure your home is properly insulated to keep your indoor climate controlled and comfortable.

Add A Smart Thermostat To Your Home

Don’t have a smart thermostat in your home? It is time to install this technology! Smart thermostats will increase your heating efficiency in a significant way. Never worry about leaving your heating on when you leave for the holidays, or even for a quick errand. Your new system will adjust your temperature according to your set-schedule! It can even sense when you are away, so you will have peace of mind knowing you are not wasting energy due to forgetfulness.

With a smart thermostat, your heating cycles will remain uninterrupted. This in and of itself will keep your utility costs low, as your system will not be demanding as much energy. When you constantly adjust your temperature, a new heating cycle begins. This requires a lot of power. Eliminating this phenomenon will prove beneficial to both your bottom line and your energy savings.

Lower Your Temperature

To conserve energy this winter, set your thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, if this is too cold for your comfort, adjust your temperature accordingly. However, keeping your indoor temperature at 68 degrees Fahrenheit will save you about 10% on your heating costs this year. So why not try it out! If you want it warmer inside, shift your temperature up one degree at a time. That way you can find your happy temperature while trying to preserve as much energy as possible—every degree makes a difference.

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