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Top 5 Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

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A few of the many benefits of air duct cleaning are:

  1. Improve air quality in your home
  2. Prevent foul odors
  3. Prolong the life of your ductwork
  4. Increase energy efficiency 
  5. Catch small issues before they become big problems

Maintaining your home is about more than just sweeping the floors and dusting the shelves—you need to think about internal upkeep as well. Your air ducts are an integral part of your home’s cooling system, which means they play a big role in facilitating airflow and preserving air quality. Unfortunately, if you don’t clean your ducts regularly, they could become cluttered and clogged with dust build-up and other hazardous debris.

Not only are dirty air ducts a hazard, but they could also contribute to airborne illnesses, allergies, unsavory odors, and they could negatively impact your home’s efficiency. As a rule, you should have your home air ducts professionally cleaned every 3-5 years, though pet owners and allergy-sufferers could benefit from more frequent cleanings.

By scheduling regular air duct cleanings, you can reap the following benefits:

1. Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Dust accumulates naturally, but if it isn’t cleaned up, it could contribute to several nasty issues. Air pollutants like dander, dust, and chemicals can filter into your HVAC system, where it builds up within the air ducts. These ducts carry air throughout your home, so if they’re littered with pollutants, those contaminants are circulated through each room of your home. These pollutants can stimulate allergy symptoms, inflame respiratory illnesses, and cause other unwanted health issues.

2. Prevent Foul Odors

As mentioned above, the contaminants in our homes circulate through our air ducts, which is why odors can be transmitted just as easily as dust and other contaminants. If you have pets, this can be especially true. Pet odors are difficult to get rid of, and any foul odor in your home could be pulled up through the air ducts, where pollutants gather and remain. However, by cleaning out your air ducts, you can ensure the air circulating from your home is fresh and odor-free.

3. Prolong the Life of Your Unit

By scheduling regular, professional air duct cleanings, you can prolong the life of your unit by years. When you take care of your HVAC unit, you’re less likely to experience major, (and expensive), issues later on. Keeping the ducts clean helps to prevent major buildup, which can eventually lead to clogs, torn ducts, rot, and other damaging issues. A professional cleaner will use blowers, vacuums, and brushes to clean each section of your ducts, which prevents the debris from running through your system and damaging any internal mechanisms.

4. Increase Energy Efficiency

When your ducts are clear, it’s easier for your HVAC system to do its job. Your cooling unit doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to maintain airflow throughout your home when the ducts are clear because the velocity of the air can push through the passages unimpeded. In short, the lack of debris in the ducts helps cool your home more efficiently and quickly. Not only will this help keep your unit efficient, but it could also help you save on annual energy costs.

5. Catch Small Issues Before They Become Big Problems

Through regular maintenance, you can help save yourself major hassle down the road. By getting your ducts cleaned every couple of years, you enable licensed professionals to look at the HVAC system, which means they’re likely to catch smaller problems before they become big issues.

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