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Back to School – Back to Germs

Back to School – Back to Germs

It’s the end of summer and you’ve made it through months of keeping the kiddos entertained! It’s no secret that getting them back to school may be a more than welcoming event. What’s not welcome however, is the influx of germs they bring home from being in close quarters with other kids. With the changing of seasons and temperatures comes a whole new set of allergies and illnesses. Let’s take a look at the facts:


  • Elementary school children get an average of eight to twelve cases of a cold or flu each school year (CDC).
  • Almost 22 million days of school are lost from the common cold (CDC).
  • Studies have shown that half of our nation’s schools have problems linked to indoor air quality (EPA.org).

Though these statistics may leave you feeling a little uneasy and running for the hand sanitizer, there are reliable ways out there to keep you and your family protected. So, where do you start? Your home!

Why Your Indoor Air Quality Matters

There is no question that the indoor air quality of your home can have a huge impact on your health. Your air ducts act as the lungs of your home, meaning any contaminants that are brought in can circulate throughout your entire home. This is why the award-winning REME Halo is one of the best in-duct air purifiers on the market.

Safe Purification Without the Use of Harmful Chemicals

The REME Halo is a whole home air purifier that you can easily install in the supply of your current heating and cooling system.  It purifies your home by distributing Hydro-Peroxide plasma through your system into your conditioned living space.  Sound familiar?  That’s because Hydro-Peroxide is used widely by the medical community as well as in many household items such as toothpaste and mouthwash.  Scientists consider it the safest oxidizer available after oxygen.  To learn more about the natural cleaning powers of Hydro-Peroxide click here.

An Impressive Resume

The breakthrough technology of the REME Halo has made an impact in both homes and businesses across the country.  In fact, the popular food chain Chipotle had it installed in its 2,200 locations after it was hit with lawsuits and foodborne illness outbreaks back in 2016.  You can read more about their path to purification here.

The Reme Halo’s powerful sanitization kills up to 99% of bacteria, mold and viruses.  It not only reduces airborne particulates but it also kills 99% of viruses on surfaces and significantly reduces odors.  That means less cleaning and more peace of mind that your family is protected no matter what they bring home.  To learn more about the REME Halo, click HERE.

Ready to invest in your indoor air quality? Get $100 off a REME Halo with your next service through the month of September!  Call for details at (503) 783-8488 or Schedule a Service today!