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Pyramid’s Boiler Team Keeps the Hot Water Running


Pyramid’s boiler team recently completed a hot water system overhaul for a 5-story building near Esther Short Park.  Having numerous spaces that require ongoing, reliable hot water including a restaurant, offices and 160 apartments, it was crucial our team get the new system in as efficiently as possible so as to not disrupt the current tenants and businesses.

The two existing hot water heaters, past their normal lifespan, have had numerous repairs over the last few years.  In order for a smooth transition, our Boiler Specialists first carefully modified the existing piping so that the first water heater could be removed while the other continued to provide hot water.   Once the first water heater was removed, the first of two hot water boilers were installed.  To ensure smooth operation, the newly installed boiler was run for a few days and once confirmed to have no issues, the second hot water heater was removed and replaced with a hot water boiler.

One of the best features of the new system is how the boilers communicate with each other to maintain the highest efficiency possible. The boilers also automatically cycle between the two, ensuring that one unit will not be over-worked and wear out before the other.

Boiler Experts You Can Trust

Because of the special technical training required, Pyramid is one of only a few companies in the Portland-Metro area that services and installs boiler systems.  From residential homes to larger commercial spaces, our team finds the right solutions for the individual needs of each customer.  If you are looking to upgrade or replace your system, give us a call to set up a complimentary estimate with our expert today!

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